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                    Welcome to the Brony Meet Up Admin Group web site!
This group is managed by 'Dr Psych Ology' (Dr. Pat Edwards) of the Bronystudy and serves two primary purposes:
1) It allows me to collect information about the existing Brony Meet Up groups that are operating worldwide on an ongoing (monthly) basis.
2) It acts as a clearing house for information that maybe useful to the various Group Admins, such as suggested group activities, a discussion of common problems, difficulties and successes that the admins have/are experiencing.
It is hoped that this site will become an important clearing house for useful information that aids the group admins in their efforts to provide Brony fans with a supportive and enjoyable group experience. 
A blog will be featured on this site where Dr. Edwards (a Clincial Psychologist) will share his thoughts about the fandom, the work the group admins are undertaking, suggestions concerning reported group problems, and will answer questions submitted by the admins and fans.
Please Note:  Monday will be the day that all weekly reports will be added to the data set, the meeting summary pages will be updated and a new blog posting will be unvailed. Please try to submit all reports by Sunday evening!


                                          Overview of the Website and Instructions to Admins:


1. All group admins (or group members who operate as admins), as individuals, first fill out a brief form that identifies them and the location of their group (go to the FORMS tab at the top of the page).


2. The website staff will then email the admin a personal IDCODE which they will use when submitting reports upon their group’s activities. Only reports with a valid IDCODE will be accepted and included in the website’s various reports.


3. The website will maintain several site pages, including:

  1. A list of all groups that have actively submitted valid meeting reports. This will include contact information if the admin chooses to have it included.
  2. A monthly summary report on the activities of all groups that reported meetings in the last month.

  3. A list of common group activities along with the Admins’ average ratings of group satisfaction with these activities.

  4. A list of reported problems experienced by the Admins along with suggestions for how they might be handled.

  5. A page which will include PHOTOS of group activities submitted to the website by the Admins. One group photo will be ‘featured’ on the front page of the website each month.

  6. A list of suggestions for new admins based upon what exisiting admins have learned.
  7. A ‘How to Contact Us’ page.

  8. A ‘News’ page where any activities related to the Admin Group will be highlighted (e.g., news reports, convention presentations, etc.). As well as any and all mention or accolades received by the participating groups (e.g., local news reports, etc.).

                 Dr Edwards' Brony Blog

Posting Date: COMING SOON!

Title: How Can The Brony Fandom Avoid the Fate of the Stamp Collectors' Fandom?


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This space will feature a group photo and description of the group's activities.

You are invited to submit photos and artistic images having a group theme.

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