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Submission Forms

If you are a group Admin (or a group member who FUNCTIONS organizationally as an admin) and this is your first visit to the site, Please complete the INITIAL SUBMISSION FORM so that you can receive an IDCODE:
Please Note:
While each individual admin needs to complete the Intital Form to receive an IDCODE, only ONE report form should be submitted for each group meet up! 
It is suggested that PRIOR to each meeting one of the admins be identified to complete the form FOR THE GROUP. It is suggested that a printed copy of the report form be used to first compile the data and that it be completed immediately after the meet up (before memories fade!) and may be agreed upon by all admins, but reported by only one!
Due to some very useful feedback from Brony Admins (thanks Michael in NC and David in TN) I have added two additional questions clarifying whether a meet up was open to the public OR a private (invited) group AND whether the meet up was free of charge or involved an activity with a cost (bowling, a meal, etc.)!
Be sure to send in a report on your Season 5 Premier Gathering!

Initial Admin Submission Form

This forms gives us information that lets us answer the question "Who are the Admins?" After completing this form you will receive a unique IDCODE. Click on the link below! ONLY FILL OUT THIS FORM ONE TIME!

Initial Admin Registration Form

Benefits of Joining

As a recognized Group Admin you will be able to submit reports and have your group's activities included in the summary report and be listed as a Brony Meet Up group.

Group Meet Up Report Form 

This is the form that the Admin uses to report on the features/ and activities of the Group's gathering. This form should be filled out by one of the group's Admins FOR EACH MEET UP GATHERING. Click on the link below!

Group Meet Up Report Form

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