BRONY STUDY (Research Project)

Nov 2013 Brief Survey Reults

Initial Analysis of Longitudinal Study Follow up Survey1 (Nov.2013)


Age: Mean= 20.79 SD= 5.8, range= 12-58, N= 2539


What is your gender? Male-84.78% (2151) Female-15.22% (378)


Ethnic background:

     Caucasian -79.4% (2017) African-1.3% (33) Asian-5.8% (148) Native-5.4 (137) Mixed-10.4% (265)


  1. What is the level of interest within our Brony sample?


  1. When asked to rate their level of interest in the last three months: 45% reported an INCREASE in interest in the show, 36% reported No Change, and 19% reported a decrease in interest.

  2.  When asked to rate their level of excitement about season 4: 73% reported HIGH excitement, 19% Moderate excitement and 7% little or no excitement.

  3. When asked to rate their intention to watch season4: 93% reported that they ‘Will certainly watch,’ and less than 1% reported that they would NOT watch.

  4. When asked to indicated their PROJECTED involvement in the fandom in ONE YEAR: 85% expected to STILL be a fan, 10% were Unsure, and less than 1% reported that they were likely to NOT be a fan.


Please Note: the percentages were rounded to the nearest whole number so they will NOT add up to 100%


Results: a) Interest in the show and fandom, in general, is on the rise/increase for the majority of fans.

               b) A huge proportion of the fans intend to view season4.

               b) A very large proportion of the fans predict that they will continue to be fans in the

                    foreseeable future (one year out).


  1. What is the relationship between the length of time in the fandom (How long have you been a Brony) and the above mentioned interest/intention variables?


Results: A correlational analysis of the length of time in the fandom with the interest/intention variables   

               indicate: Newer (younger) fans displayed an increased interest in the show, increased

               involvement with the fandom and more excitement/interest in Season4.


  1. What was the frequency of the five different Brony Types (Using our newly revised Guidance and Disclosure model)?


TYPE            Percentage

            SOCIAL              32.29%  

            SECRET              18.57%

            MIXED               30.17%

            HIPSTER            14.46%  

            HIDDEN               4.50%  



Results: The frequencies for the Brony Types are similar to those seen in our earlier surveys (Social and

               Mixed making up rough 30% each), however this population showed a shift to more Hipsters

               and fewer Secret Bronies (roughly 30% in the past).


  1. Do the different Types of Bronies differ on the interest/involvement variables?


Results: a) The answer was YES, there are significant differences between the five types

              b) A review of the analyses indicates that Social, Secret and Mixed Bronies all showed INCREASED

                   interest and involvement in the fandom , while Hipster and especially Hidden Bronies showed 


              c) All Brony types predicted continued involvement in the fandom with the Social Bronies having

                 the highest and the Hidden Bronies the lowest predicted future involvement.

             d) These results reinforce what we have found in our earlier surveys, that NOT ALL Bronies are

                 alike.  They (types) differ on personality variables and motivation for being a fan AS WELL AS

                 levels of interest.


  1. What do the fans rate/rank as the most important qualities of the SHOW?


Results: a) The MOST important aspect of the show was ‘The personalities/nature of the main  

                   characters’  (rated #1 by 37% of the fans)

               b) The ’general storyline’ (#1 by 10%) and ‘entertainment value of the show’ (#1 by 15%) were a  

                   distant second and third most important aspect.

               c) The ‘presence of background characters’ was rated/ranked last (only 3% ranked it #1)



  1. What do the fans rate/rank as the most important qualities of the FANDOM?


Results: a) The most important aspect of the fandom was ‘The artwork, videos, music created by the

                   fandom’ (rated #1 by 49% of the fans).

               b) The ‘friendship with other fans’ (#1 for 21% of the fans), and ‘the message of Love and

                   Tolerance’ (rated #1 by 10% of the fans) were the second and third most important qualities.

               c) The ‘shock value of being a Brony’ was rated/ranked as least important (only 3% ranked it #1).

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