BRONY STUDY (Research Project)

Preliminary Bullying Data

Some Preliminary Results for the FCMLsurvey:

The Bronystudy researchers would like to thank the 1400+ Bronies who have SO FAR completed our ‘How the Fandom Changed My Life’ survey.

Given the ongoing discussion within the fandom about the impact (sometime tragic) of bullying upon members of the Brony community we would like to share a bit of the preliminary survey data. It is our hope that this might further the community’s discussion about this matter. We feel it may be helpful for the community to know both how frequent bullying occurs and to what degree members of the fandom feel it was CAUSED by their becoming a fan of MLP:FiM. We have also included several possible explanations for (conclusions about) these preliminary results. Please Note: Percentages WILL NOT always add up to 100%.

  1. A series of questions were asked about the incidence of Unfair, Discriminatory or Bullying behavior being directed at the Brony fan both BEFORE and AFTER becoming a Brony.


    Percentage of individuals who reported Sometimes OR Often experiencing the behavior


                                                           BEFORE becoming      AFTER becoming      Amount

                                                                   A Brony                       A Brony              of Change


    Being called names                                  24%                            16%                      -33%

    Having belongs damaged                        6%                               3%                       -50%

    Being threatened                                      13%                             6%                       -54%

    Being physically attacked                         4%                              2%                       -50%


    Initial Conclusions:

  1. That while the incidence of these unwanted and unfair behaviors continue for a subgroup of the Brony fandom, in general their incidence seems to DECREASE after becoming a Brony.

  2. It would appear that verbal taunts and threats constitutes the primary form of ‘bullying’ directed at the fandom.

  3. However, actual physical attacks are part of what some members of the fandom are forced to endure.


  1. Question: Since becoming a Brony has the occurrence of the unfair behaviors increased or decreased?

                                     % who endorsed

    Never occurred                 35%

    Decreased                          21%

    Stayed the same               35%

    Increased                             9%


    Initial Conclusions:

 a) That for over half of the fandom (56%), the incidence of these behaviors has either NEVER occurred or have DECREASED
b)   It can be hypothesized that the DECREASE in such behaviors might be attributed to two  factors:                    
                    1) confidence gained by becoming a fan has lead the fan to react differently towards the bullying (such as standing up or being somehow less of a target),   

         2)   That the expanded friendship and social support offered by the fandom protects the   

                fan from incidences of bullying,

  c)    It can be hypothesized that the INCREASE in such behaviors might be attributed to two   


         1)  That disclosure of their interest in the fandom has made them MORE of a target for

               Bullies (especially in schools or regions of a country where gender stereotypes are

               especially strong).

         2)  That becoming a Brony might lead to a greater sense of ISOLATION, some fans may  

               actually lose friends which would rob them of social support and the potential safety

               offered by social support networks. (This may be why many Secret Bronies are and

               choose to stay hidden.)



  1. Question: To what degree has becoming a Brony lead to an increase in these unfair behaviors?


                      Percentages for individual

                    who HAD experienced these

                               unfair behaviors


No Effect                           70%

Slight Efect                       22%

Moderate Effect               6%

Significant Effect               2%


Initial Conclusions:

a)  That for those fans who have experienced bullying, close to one third of them feel that their

      choice to ‘Become a Brony’ is partly responsible for the increase in Bullying. (Note: Our final

      analysis of the data will attempt to identify characteristics of these Bullied Bronies, such as

      family support, personality features or size of the city/town in which they live.

b)  These results should act as a reminder to all fans (especially those who experience social

      support from family and friends) that there are good reasons why some members of the

      fandom remain secret about their membership and that some fans take on

      considerable risk when they disclose their interest in MLP:FiM’.


  1. On a lighter note, here are the current top choices for ‘Favorite Pony’:




Twilight Sparkle    25%

Fluttershy              19%

Rainbow Dash       17%

Pinkie Pie               15%

Apple Jack              11%

Rarity                      10%


Again, thank you to all the Bronies who have taken the survey. If you have not yet done so please consider taking the survey, leave yourself 45 minutes to an hour to fully complete the survey.


Also a special thanks to those Bronies who have emailed us their personal detailed  ‘How the fandom changed my life’ stories.


 Watch for the final results of this story in later March as well as our brief Post-season4 survey.

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